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Program 2017

Saturday February 18
Saturday April 8
Saturday June 3
Saturday July 8
Saturday September 2
Saturday October 14
Saturday December 16

Facilitators: Kathleen Murphy & Ken Petersen.
Meditation days are an opportunity to spend a longer time in Meditation practice. There will be group Meditation, Movement and Ritual. You are asked to bring some Lunch to Share.
Cost: $30.00. Time 10.00 am - 4.00 pm


All Weekend Retreats begin at 8.00 pm on the Friday night and end on Sunday at 3.30 pm. Cost: Live in $175.00, Live out: $135.00. Saturday only $75.00. Meals provided.

DREAM WORKSHOP: The Cycle of Death and Rebirth. Navigating the Seasons of Life. As the old song goes, “For everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven,” In the midst of everything that is happening in our countries and in the world, many of us are feeling bewildered and some are fearful for the future. Such cosmic events cast their shadow on our lives causing us to face the most basic questions  Our own lives follow the same rhythm – at the end of every stage of our development, we are faced with the death of what has been. It is often a time of chaos and uncertainty. This workshop will address these questions Facilitated by Joy Ryan Bloore a Jungian Analyst from New Zealand who trained at the Jung Institute in Zurich.
Date: May 19, 20, 21. Cost $250.00 Spaces Limited.
The Workshop will begin on Friday evening at 8.00 pm.

SEEING GOD EVERYWHERE On this retreat weekend we look at techniques to come out of the ego-centric view of life; a space which is like a dot in the middle of a circle saying “I see”, “I hear”, “I do”. A space in which we are not really listening but think we are. We shall learn and experience living from a space of “seeing God everywhere” and find that where we are standing is holy ground. Our Facilitator is Swamini Vinayananda, a Hindu Nun with the Chinmaya mission in the Advaitic tradition.
Date: June 23, 24, 25

TOUCHING ENLIGHTMENT WITH BODY. Sacred balance through deep body awareness. The Celts spoke of “thin places” – a cave, a gateway –liminal spaces that help us to shift gears within ourselves. Shakyamuni was no stranger to liminality; he retreated into the forest and discovered a meditation unlike any other being taught in his day. Turning his attention inwards, he discovered ‘thin places’ which revealed a deep body process. This ancient Buddhist meditation is about letting go of the grasping, objectifying tendency of thought and entering into communion with our embodied nature. For each of us the journey is unique. Our Presenter is Bom Hyon Sunim an Australian Buddhist Nun in the Korean Tradition.
Date: August 11, 12, 13

THEMANDALA OF THE CROSS, Wisdom and Creativity. “Wisdom today is alive and growing, vigorously present in multiple forms waiting to be named. (Bruno Barnhart). This meditation weekend will explore the Wisdom of the Cross as Mandala, holding tension and creativity. There will be time for personal exploration and meditation. Our facilitator is Chris Morris, he has been sharing his study and reflection on the work of the Cameldolese monk Bruno Barnhart who has been writing for some years on the Wisdom theme. Chris is a spiritual director, Benedictine Oblate and lecturer at Catholic Theological College.
Date: November 17, 18, 19

One Day Retreats begin at and finish at Lunch is provided. Cost: $70.00

PRACTICAL TAO IN DAILY LIFE Harmony within Humankind, with the earth and with the cosmos. Drawinginspiration from the wisdom of the Tao, we look at the core aspects of the teaching and the application in daily life. When we study using the ego intellect, we may find the teaching elusive and inaccessible. In this day workshop we attempt to access our heart-mind intelligence and spirit body connection to bring relevance of the teaching to our daily lives. Please wear comfortable clothes for ease of movement and meditation.
 Our Presenter is Chris Soenaris who has been living and working in several countries and learning from different schools of yoga and meditation.
Date: April 29

EMBRACED BY LOVE. A day to celebrate the life and message of Dom Bede Griffiths. Come and join with Fr Michael Mifsud and our community as we remember this great man and share his message for the world. Further details to follow.
Date: Saturday May 13

FROM THE MUD TO THE SUN. The teachings of the lotus flower. The symbol of the lotus flower is one of the great images of Hindu spirituality describing the origin and end of our spiritual growth. During this meditation day John Dupuche will explore different forms of meditation based on a thousand year old text from Kashmir, the Vijanabhairava-tantra. Fr John Dupuche is one of the leading promoters of Inter religious dialogue in Australia and is at present developing an Inter religious Ashram here in Warburton
Date: June 10

BODY AND SOUL. In this retreat day we will focus on healing the rift that can exist in many of us, between Body and Soul. We will explore the hidden Christian tradition which celebrates the body as sacred. We open to the beauty and wonder of the natural world through the five senses. And we discover the body’s role in balancing energies and promoting healing. As we integrate all aspects of ourselves, we experience how this affects our image of God.  Our facilitator Marilyn Copeland has a particular interest in fostering creative and contemplative experiences which enrich the soul and enhance the awareness of the Sacredness of the Body.
Date: July 1.

 Increasingly common to hear voices describing Islam as incompatible with Australian values and even as a dangerous ideology. Yet Islam is dear to the heart of
millions of people through the world. Islam has a very long and rich tradition and has contributed much too human civilization. What can we in Australian Society learn from Islam today? Our Presenter is Herman Roborgh who has spent most of his life living in Muslim countries and has a Ph.D in Islamic Studies
Date Saturday August 26

BEING ONESELF. The understanding and experience of Self as empty-Oneness is central to Mystical Christianity and Zen. Meditation and Contemplation open the way to embrace the unique embodying of THAT which is essentially vividly alive before and after all commentary, and descriptive language. To touch this, to live from this, to Be this, is enlightment. To give up ideas of enlightment is to embrace the direct ordinariness and fullness of each moment as it arises. We can open to this awareness; but that which is aware is not founded upon any condition – just the grace to be Oneself. Our presenter is Rev. Paul Sanders, Zen teacher in the Diamond Sanga and a Uniting Church Minister.
Date: September 16

A Pilgrimage through the Yarra Valley, walking from Lilydale to Beautiful Warburton and Sancta Sophia Meditation Community. The walk is in three stages staying each night in Millgrove. Total walking distance is approximately 40km. There will be the opportunity for moments of prayer and reflection along the way. This will be the eighth time we have welcomed this pilgrimage. If you would like to take part in this event contact The Carmelite Centre at Middle Park for more information. Telephone 0396905430.
Date: November 10, 11, 12