Sancta Sophia Meditation Community

Warburton, Vic, Australia. Tel 03 5966 2120


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BEING PRESENT TO THE PRESENCE. In all the great Traditions the ultimate Goal is to be present to the Presence. What if each of us is so full of Presence that we are at all times shining out like stars, and all that we have to do is to get out of our own way so that we can live within the Presence that we already are? Our Facilitator is Cath Connelly, spiritual director, retreat director and professional Celtic harper. The retreat will include harp music, meditation, ritual, body awareness, input sessions and time for reflection.
Date: August 7, 8, 9.

Cost: Live in $175.00. Live out $135.00.( Saturday only $75.00. Meals provided.)



We offer you an environment to support you in your Spiritual Journey through Meditation, Ritual, Liturgy and sharing the Word of God.
You can join the Community for a quiet day sharing in the community program or an extended stay for a private or directed retreat
A Hermitage is available for a day or a longer stay. Massage and Spiritual Healing are available on request.
Members of the Community offer Spiritual Counselling and teaching in Meditation techniques from East and West.

Sancta Sophia Community is Directed by Kathleen Murphy, O.P. and Ken Petersen, O.Carm.